Welcome…This Is Me…JustMe

You will see, as you will read all of my thoughts and see them transform into words that are so intentionally and naturally falling into place. This…is….EVERYTHING, all of the different experiences of my life symbolically swaying through a sea of sentences…This is just me…unapologetically, Melina…Welcome to JustMeMelina.com I appreciate all my supporters, and I encourage you to share and spread anything you connect with to others and together we can help the world and the people on it, to expand their minds and bend through the coping skills. Coping skills make up the entirety of the most valuable treasure of humanity, cope cope cope. I love you all. Stay safe, healthy and be well.

I am passionate about writing and love expressing my thoughts through my fingers, clicking on these keys, or my pen gliding across fresh paper. Writing is something I eat sleep and breath! Over the last decade I have found myself setting writing aside to learn how to become a mother at 19, while living within an already dark and traumatic cycle of heavy substance use, and a cycle of relationships reflecting the place my mind and soul had come to believe, reflected me

I hope people can find their own connection with my writings. I want to help, inspire, intrigue, teach or even just entertain everyone in their day-to-day life with my words.

I am currently attending college, studying for my Substance Use Counseling degree. I have many passions and hope help people from all walks of life, as well as have the ability to continue building my brand, sharing my writings with all that are open to read.

I see but not with my eyes, guided by my soul, the universe envelopes all around. I embrace it. Every day I practice manifesting and sending healing vibes and a plethora of self-care and uplifting energy into the world… Life Unfolds.