So I know it’s super late and that don’t believe in fate
but honestly right now I’m realizing what it is I hate
shall I make a list, shall I begin with worst or best
maybe I’ll just start with the explanation to all this pain in my chest
number one I don’t have any hatred
number two I couldn’t if I tried
number three I see it all so clear now
number four I’m okay with every single moment I fell down curled up and cried
number five refer back to one
number six is just the same
the point of all these numbers is to accentuate my lack of pain
I went through hellish battles, battles of which were equally outside parties and my fault
the same hellish battles that weren’t hellish at all, due to the fact that they made me sane
I thought I had lost something, lost myself, lost my way
but the fact of the matter remains that I have long since been exploring
my true way to live and my true way to retain
I see all of my values, I see all of my heart
I realize no matter what, my vision is the only match that can make me spark
I can’t sleep, kids crying, I see why the struggle was so heavy
but my god why must she always wake up right when the water breaks the leavy
when all the words start flowing, shall I just let her cry a serenade
I don’t want to step away, yep, she wins

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