The Click-Tock of the Hourglass (Circa April 2020)

Now is the time. I understand this fully

Went to bed last night with all the life lessons and realizations and epiphanies I have had over these last few days of reflection.

Days in my own head space and my minds own time

When the sun rose this morning, I began anew

Refreshed and capable, aware and completely invested In making their life;

His as an individual, for all angles and obligations that his eyes view as important and worthy of focus and time, every and anything that deems necessary throughout any filtering quandaries and obtaining dreams beyond our means, never forgetting what a true soul means and feels like to ourselves and everyone else.

Her life individually, nurturing and allowing her mind to discover, her soul to feel safely graced with the beauty and wonder of imaginative sweet mind space. Closure and comfort in courage that will be assisting in every aspect of each experience life places in her way that life will have to chase her coat tails as she sails far above and show any she encounters what a sweet, kind, intelligent, comedic, animated young soul can do for herself and everyone else.

My life

My life for Melina

My life to them as their Mom, Mama, Mommy.

My life to the public as an artist, entertaining, comments about worth making, sometimes insaning always leaving most contemplating

My life as part of this world in this universe, … entirely whole

We will be surrounded within and covered purely by honesty truths’

Our breathing will become easier, taken in guided by undiluted oxygen.

Goals are set, focus’ wheels have already began

Directions, obligations, responsibilities, and dreams are presently being pursued because of facts.

Success Will Be Obtained

All achievements will be accomplished

Those added along the way, will only make our lovely path shine and sparkle through our hearts and out our eyes for all to look at and know.

We are who we are and that is how it will be, each day from here out is ours and within them we will be free.

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