Invasive Emotions Swirling In My Mind (Circa 2019)

It’s like I’m crazy all these thoughts in my head are running around
Tears fall on my bed
I can’t get to sleep and when I do it’s no good
I just wish I’d known earlier I didn’t belong in the hood
Now my heads all f**up and my heart is so sad
And I am missing the man that’s always been like my dad
I’m finally crying and feeling it all
And I’ve resorted to my pillow and crawling into a ball
I never know when these feelings will emerge
When the past and the present will bubble up and converge
I don’t need advice now just breathe and take an actual look around
And show mercy to your heart by seeing your life now full of its peaceful sound
Simple and serene and never abusive and scary
Even the days that are long and the nights I grow weary
Progress not perfection but it’s tough still sometimes
Glad I am finding some closure once again in the love I put into my these rhymes.

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