Intriguing Post On The Human Endless And Inevitable Thoughts.

“God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And the wisdom to know the difference today”

(Well known AA Mantra, that truly captures lifes essence)

As a wise woman in AA told me, how the heck are we supposed to know what the difference is we are just trying to stay sober, of which I agree, but also, Just live best, do the best you can daily, and treat others the way you want to be treated. Treat yourself as you would a friend. Don’t beat yourself up. Do what you love if you can. Work hard, provide for your children and those you are responsible for, and DON’T for those that you are not. Love yourself. Love your higher power if you have one, and do all you can to live each day the best you can.

Living life in the midst of addiction and abuse was debilitating.  As I walk freely and with clarity I see how little that part of my life truly is. It used to dominate and run everything now its a message to my sponsor, a weekly meeting a nice daily reading. So small and important not devastating and disgusting. Respect to the Universe, always matching energy, and

Beautiful days are filled with effort, love and hard work. There are ups and downs and times of sadness or irritation but focusing on the NOW and repeatedly reminding yourself that nearly all of the thoughts that affect every moment of our lives, are invisible, either the past playing reruns or the future that doesn’t exist yet. Intended and endless conditioning and pressure pushing us to buy into a life full of constant fear, conforming and falling blind to the reality that we can choose ourselves, our own personal preferences and lifestyle choices and layouts. We can ignore the false and inflated understanding we are being fed that struggle, stress, money, social status, material items, the list goes on, will and should be present in every moment of life. We are capable, strong, gifted and worthy of peace, equality, freedom from deliberate and corrupt motives by abusive billionaire entities. Let us live knowing we are respected and our rights as humans beings to live in harmony with our planet, our families, and our choices fly free to unfold each moment into existence.

I will expand and delve into the reality of humanity and many more fascinating and unequivocally important things I think of. I hope you too will stop, breathe and check in with yourself throughout everyday…Where am I? Okay and I am thinking about this and this, but none of that is relevant or necessary in where I am now and what I am interested in doing. Take breath after breath and find your moment. Moments of open-minded, freeing and open minded existence.

I have for nearly 3 years been trying, thinking and focusing on what I need to do and fix and work on to be able to feel a sense of wholeness and positivity in my life. The struggle is understandably so, quite “real” it is unfathomable and great to remind ourselves to stop and find where you are in the moment, at that time, in that NOW. I could (will and do) go on for hours writing. Thanks for investing time to reading this and please comment, subscribe, like share and build on any writings or subjects I write about, it takes a village. #villiageup #learnfromeachother #growasasociety

I love you all. #justmemelinamindset

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