You will see, as you will read all of my thoughts and see them transform into words that are so intentionally and naturally falling into place. This…is….EVERYTHING, all of the different experiences of my life symbolically swaying through a sea of sentences…This is just me…unapologetically, Melina…Welcome to JustMeMelina.com I appreciate all my supporters, and I encourage you to share and spread anything you connect with to others and together we can help the world and the people on it, to expand their minds and bend through the coping skills. Coping skills make up the entirety of the most valuable treasure of humanity, cope cope cope. I love you all. Stay safe, healthy and be well.

I hope that you will enjoy the writings I share and that anyone and everyone can find their own connection to my words and help, inspire, intrigue, teach or even just entertain their day to day life.

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