What We Are

I had such a profound and great realization of my son and all he is about
He has and continues to grow into a spectacular example of a person, child, and as baffling as it may be to say, a man one day
His demeanor and all the things that matter to him, are so substantial in comparison to everything I observe most people putting their time and thoughts into

My children astound me to a point so often that I feel I can’t even spell right, feel that I can’t write right, I can’t hear anything else but their beautiful voices tonight
Of course children change the world, but it is at the very same time, that the world changes for children

The fact remains that any and every one of us born, end up molding and drastically changing the structure of our lives and where we live
Don’t run from the reality of a parent’s importance
Don’t hide from parenting’s main goal and desired obligation
True parents, dedicated parents, real parents, genuine parents, lonely parents, sad parents, mad parents, hurt parents, abandoned parents, ignored parents, abused parents, single parents, all and every single type of parents

The humans that raise children
The ones that contribute to ensuring that the next generation will be instilled with the best skills they can to succeed throughout their time
The moms that breast-feed when they want to drink
The dads that mix bottles when their child’s mother left them behind
The moms and dads that struggle through fights and try to close the doors; try to lower their voice but still feel bad, even if their little one is only an infant, because every experience is precious
The moms that were lying on that bed and birthing that child
The dads that were there too that held her hand through it all
The mom’s that have a wife, the dads that have a husband
The women that are now dad’s and the men that become grandmothers
The parents that were perplexed and assumed imminent failure, only to find themselves realizing all the intricacies that children are so unequivocally beautiful
The dads that showed up, there from the beginning or there years and years after, between in the middle or whenever and however it came to be
The men or boys, some so young, some old, some just some age, because it’s just a number anyways

For those dedicated, for those people that are there, show up and engage and grow with those children
For every woman that has squinted when someone raises their voice
For every mama that has cried simply for feeling alone, knowing that they had to be alone, because if someone was there with them, they’d be crying in pain
For every parent that feels lost
For every parent that sees the cost

The cost lost not on having a child unexpectedly, but for not giving them what they so readily deserve
For those that actually tried
For those that weren’t lazy, at times, for a while, it seemed I had internally just given up and just lied
For those that were better than me, for those that did all they could and still didn’t succeed
For those that DID succeed
For those college degrees
For those beautiful washer and dryer in your houses, no quarters required
For me, for you, for them, for us, for him, for her, for the little, big, small and robust

My god I hope you hear me, I hope I can reach you all
My son floored me tonight with the memory of the first dream he ever had
My son helped me see tonight that without all of me, and all of them and all of us we cannot make it anywhere anytime in anyway
I see all the reasons, I see all the pain, I see all the reasons to act immature and vain
I have lived a lot of stress; I have lived a lot of ways
I have lived quite ideally though if put in comparison to millions upon millions of other’s day to days

Please hear my words, and make them your own
Please embrace this writing and build upon it with how you were raised and how you have grown
I see your face, though not through my eyes
I hear your voice, though not through my ears
I know you; all of you

All those souls that are striving and driving
Riding and not dying
Living and giving
Singing and crying
Hurting yet still knowing
Not just maintaining
Not just living
Keep being what you are
Keep seeing through YOUR vision
Keep hearing from YOUR ears
Keep hurting with YOUR pains
Keep maintaining YOUR success
You are living
And you are doing it beautifully
I am proud of you
I am proud of me
I am proud of us

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