Unacceptable End Game

There are endless ways that anything and everything can come to fruition
The beautifully and terrifying catastrophic impending doom is forever possible
Possible is defined as “able to be done,” “Within the power of capacity of someone or something”

So possibilities are present to often and frequently throughout the entirety of our lives
Possibilities exist, but so often we mix up what is possible, with what is realistic
Discombobulate the importance of the factual matters at hand and more importantly what is actually happening and what will inevitably eventuate

So we must simply be nice to one another
Consistently show courtesy towards one another

Just act right
Accomplish adequately
Succeed humbly
Embellish appropriately
Brag hilariously
Flaunt endearingly
Win sweetly
Lose wonderfully
Speak with inspiration
Walk with instigation
Follow with admiration
Lead from generations
Wonder through realization
Answer without memorization
Question without demoralizing
See without viewing
Hear without sound
Smell without odor
Feel without touch
Most of all, realize that there is blood flowing through your veins
Realize there is oxygen filling up your lungs
Feel the temperature and elements affecting you inside and out
Know the enormity of the life you walk throughout and live within each day

Grasp the importance of every misunderstanding and obtain as much knowledge while humbling yourself with confusion’s opportunities

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