I’ve been walking a lot recently I’ve really been putting down some miles
I’ve been feeling all the reasons to leave enclosed spaces and not feel like I can not find any of my smiles
It’s actually very cool, it has opened up my mind and helped me keep my self in check
I just am happy to see that I still got it, I still remember there is a head up on top of this neck

I’m such a little nerd, I really can now see, it’s really nice to see that I am understand so much more by myself, beautiful to realize I truly know me
I hope that all the blah blah will make sense after all the shit
I know that all the shit will succumb after all the drift
All the piling over, all the files combined
I can see how all of these things in my personal database can help me see more the wonderful thing that I am, show how my progress makes me feel like I shine
I can’t even, I’m a forever writers block
I’m a reason to run away and armageddon over stock

Its funny when I talk, it’s funny when I kid
Its’ funny when I make all these terrors seem acceptable enough to be read by a small little kid
But they Ain’t, no they are not
Even though only one of those words should be real
I just see that I am a reason to be accepted at least by me, accepted and allow myself to feel
damn….my chest just literally got lighter

It’s interesting when I’m writing and hitting these keys so strong and fast and hard
It’s interesting when I come upon a path never before to be called absurd
Something completely me, something completely new
Something that has derived from an inner and straight influential spew
Something that has been molded, something that is so great
This is truly fantastic, this is more than an unearthly deservance of a clean slate.

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